The last few days have been pretty miserable, in one way or another. First, the morning after the last post, so October 26th, the local harbor master made us pick up anchor and move, then he didn’t like where we moved to so he brought the local law enforcement officer with him. The law enforcement officer looked about 19 and was wearing Airwalks and a Patriot’s sweater. They informed us that if this had been summer, we would be paying 2 $100 tickets. But since it was off season, they would let it slide. Summertime town money maker I guess. They spent the rest of the day zooming around the harbor giving, I presume, their kids a ride.

Jon and Heather from Evergreen showed up. They are my old neighbors from Ship Yard Quarters and we are heading the same way for a while. So we went ashore and walked on these endless greenways that Block is apparently known for. Nice little island but I imagine it is mad in the summer. The discussion around the anchorage is when we can all head south. When we got back to Slick there seemed to be a meeting with the other few cruisers anchored in the salt pond. No real weather windows. Great. And a big blow tomorrow. Thanks.

The wind and rain came up the next day, it was building throughout the day and we pretty much made preparations for the night, oh, and Jon and Heather brought us fresh cookies. The night on the hook was awful, 35 knots of wind, and anchor tracks that spanned 180 degrees of arc. Slick weathered it well though. A cruiser in a British Channel Cutter left the morning before the storm. I hope he made it.

The weather forecast showed another 50 knot blow coming, so we all decided to go to Montauk and tie up at a protected marina. Morgan’s Cloud was sitting in the anchorage, they are high latitude cruisers that write for Cruising World, they were probably happy to only have 35 knots in an anchorage. Easy cruise over and Nathan and I tie up slick then tied one on.

Yesterday was spent preparing for the blow as the wind built throughout the day. By 11pm it was blowing 35 and gusting over 45. Even in this protected harbor, Slick is jumping around. Popped fenders, and then the rail shaved off about a half inch from the wood pylons we are tied to. Not allot of sleep and it was pretty tough to keep the boat happy at the pier. Eventually though the wind clocked around and came from a better angle with less fetch. At some point the wind hit 50 knots. During the storm, the channel marker buoy drug too, we only know this as some guy called on channel 16 to complain to the coast guard, when they had no resolution for him, he said he was coming over to talk to them. I wonder how that went.

This morning it’s only blowing 25 knots and while it tosses us about it feels pretty serene compared to last night. Weather shows another gale coming. Can we just get two days in a row without a nor’easter? Nope, guess not. Might take the inland passage to NYC tomorrow, we don’t want to but it seems like the only way.

I don’t think I can adequately convey the suck of the last few days. If it was 30 degrees warmer, we might actually be sailing, but instead we can just hunker down and wait for the appropriate weather window. The pier-side water is broke today too, so we can’t restock. I just asked Nate to help me make this post funnier, and he replied “Why, there is nothing funny about this?”