After we left Montauk, there was a pretty straight forward sail over to a protected harbor on Long Island, called North Port. Pretty uneventful, other than the wind wasn’t blowing and we motored the entire way. About half way the tach stopped working on the engine and so did the alternator. Also the engine oil light ceased functioning. Turns out they are all related, but all seem to be broken in their own way. Looks like we will be living on the power supplied by Jocelyn for a while. Luckily, with all the big blows we have been getting, she is working it pretty hard. In morning we changed the oil and had a look at the broken equipment. We fixed a water leak in the exhaust too, so that should cut down on some of the bilge pumping. The water heater stopped working and I think the water leak had something to do with it.

The next day we had an easy sail down Long Island Sound to King’s Point where there is a nice little anchorage. Tomorrow we will make way for Norfolk, VA via NYC. We listen to the radio, all we here are about the things to be afraid of in the City. FEAR the cold, FEAR the crime, FEAR not having anything to FEAR! Also, there seemed to be allot of people asphyxiating by burning things in their houses to keep warm, like charcoal or propane. Good thing Nathan and I only burn alcohol in our little alcohol stove, the Asphyxiomatic 5000 by Origo. I recommend it.