I hung around Ciftlik for a few days longer. One of the local restaurants said there was great spear fishing out by an island so I went out for a look. There was nothing, only tiny fish, which maybe they spear here in the Med, I don’t know. But after several confused and dirty looks from the private island’s inhabitants, I thought it best to leave. The jet-skis and wake boarders were all getting to be a bit too much anyway, so I headed down the coast to Serce Limani.

The entrance was very narrow and opened up to a long skinny bay that ran parallel with the coast. It was really incredible how protected it was. Except it turned into a wind tunnel with the afternoon thermals. I dropped the hook to free swing. When I was happy with how set it was I went out to check it out with the looky bucket and found that I had caught some old mooring blocks and chain. Well, at least I won’t go anywhere. That night though a gullet came in and dropped his anchor over mine and stern tied to shore, very close. When the evening thermal breeze filled in and Slick swung around I was worried about hitting the Gullet, they where really close. I tried to up anchor, which was futile since not only was it tangled but the gullet’s anchor was over the top. So the seamen (I use the word seamen for the workers of these tour boats because watching they guys work they are truly professionals) helped me to stern tie to shore at about 11 at night. An applause came up from another gullet nearby. Glad we could put on a show just for you.

Trans-Siberian Express, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Finland. The Meltimi is up again so I will wait a few days to go somewhere, I am not sure where yet, but this is as good a place as any to ride out a blow, its protected and judging by what comes up on the gullet’s anchors, I am in some pretty thick mud. Finally, I have also completed my goal of eating all the food on Slick, with in reason, and so I got provisions, mostly cheese and beer. Strangely the cheese didn’t melt in my omelet, which makes me suspicious.