Slick made her Atlantic crossing in December of 2014, here are the morning show videos.

These videos are in four parts and are a sort of long and boring, just like the passage. For anyone who wants to know what crossing the Atlantic is really like -- enjoy.

Part 1 days 0-5
In Part 1 we leave the Canaries, rebuild a winch, launch a spinnaker using an ATN sock, make kimchi, catch some tiny mahi, have some silly sail configurations, experiments and deal with rain and whales.

Part 2 days 6-11
In Part 2 we eat the kimchi, get becalmed, sail some, get becalmed again, bake bread in a solar oven, swim in the middle of the ocean, farm some sprouts, see some crazy clouds and finally sail some more.

Part 3 day 12-17
In Part 3 we dodge squalls, destroy a fishing pole in a tow generator, catch a big mahi, experience some structural damage, see the whales again, repair the mainsail, and take the spinnaker down.

Part 4, day 18 to finish
In Part 4 we see the whale more, sail more, hang out with dolphins, catch a bill fish, salt the bill fish, and finally arrive at our destination.