Basically the main thing that has caused us misery on this little trip is Slick’s draft. It’s 7.5 feet. We have run aground more times on this trip than either of us care to think about. Here is a video of Slick anchored in the deepest part of the anchorage in Chub Cay, Bahamas during the highest low tide of the day. The night low tide brought us 6 inches closer to the ground. In this video there is about 1 foot of clearance. Also, because of the draft, we are forced to anchor out farther, which in this case, put us in swell. It sucked. and if we impacted during a wave, that would hurt Slicky badly I think. You can also see some from the prior damage sustained in the Intercoastal. At least the water is crystal clear and warm. Sorry for some of the quality, it is hard when snorkeling.