Diving was getting old for me until a friend introduced me to underwater photography. I started using an Olympus TG-4 with the factory housing and an internal ring light for small stuff and an external flood light for bigger things. The TG-4 was awesome for macro but awful for wide-angle. As soon as I could, I upgraded to a Nikon Z7 and an Isotta Housing with Inon Z330 strobes. I can’t say enough about the ability of the Z7 underwater. Its absolutely fantastic. After I got used to it, I started shooting in RAW and post-processing using Lightroom and the photos were so much better it almost justified the cost. Unfortunately, I lost the camera to a housing flood in Raja Ampat recently so it will be awhile till I am replacing it.

Dive Destinations shot with the Nikon Z7:

Raja Ampat


Hong Kong

Dive Destinations shot with the Olympus TG-4:

Byron Bay, Australia

East Timor


Anilao, Philippines

Komodo, Indonesia

Koh Tao, Thailand

Sipidan and Semporna, Malaysia